Dear Christmas Family Adoption:

It’s been an amazing blessing for the family who got adopted, to receive more than presents, so much love and kindness from all of you.

What you’ve done has gone above and beyond giving a gift, you left a long lasting, positive and permanent impression on this family.  A mother’s heart is happy, children had a beautiful new beginning with their mom and a whole family still experience the joy of being part of the kind work all of you did in their lives.

My words are not enough to express the gratitude I have in my heart for all the beautiful things you did for the family that got adopted. As a family advocate for Albina Head Start and in the name of the family who got adopted by your organization, I want to thank you very much for all you did. Your love and kindness really made a big difference for this family

May The Lord bless you all.

Best regards,

Kellyn Núñez

- Karen Nunez

I wanted to give a big huge warm thank you for the wonderful Christmas that your family helped me with… people like your family make the world go round and round with lots of joy.

- English Family

This Christmas was very special for our family because you made it very special for us. In that day our wishes came true. We all want to say a big thank you!!!

- Leytner Family

It’s people like you who let me know the world isn’t always a bad place. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have done to help make this holiday special.

- Anonymous

We really want to thank you for taking us in as a family. My angels had a blessed Christmas through you guys. The smiles they had on their faces and for me. My adopted family made our Christmas and year!

- Anonymous

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