Nominating A Family

How to Nominate A Family

To be eligible for the Christmas Family Adoption Foundation program, families must be nominated by a Nominating Partner. Families or friends of the family are not able to nominate themselves.

Who is a Nominating Partner?

A Nominating Partner is an approved government or social worker/agency. Families who are already receiving assistance from a caseworker, agency, or school counselor, must request a nomination from that person or agency and cannot nominate themselves.

We sincerely appreciate the relationships we have with the agencies and the caseworkers who have nominated families for our Christmas Family Adoption Foundation progam and work with us to give them a great Christmas. We look forward to working with you again this year.

If you have not worked with CFAF in the past, please contact us to become an approved Nominating Partner.

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Nomination Guidelines

We try to help as many families as possible during the Christmas season, but unfortunately we are not able to help everyone in need. Please review the guidelines below.


We are currently only able to serve families in Portland and the greater metro area. Eligible counties include: Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Columbia.


Register to Nominate A Family

All nominations are required to be submitted online. Registration must be filled out completely by a Nominating Partner. Nominating more than one family requires the Nominate A Family registration to be filled out completely for EACH family being nominated.
 Consider uploading photos during registration. Including photos of families greatly increases the likelihood of adoption.

The Nominate A Family registration now includes the Family Wishlist. Please assist families in determining reasonable requests.

Register Early

We begin accepting nominations on September 1st. Please apply early, as we accept nominations on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we will stop accepting nominations on December 1st.


At CFAF, we do our very best to make sure all nominated families get adopted during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of nominations, we have to limit the amount of families accepted and posted on the site at any given time. Any family nominated after our limit has been reached will be put on our waitlist until other families are adopted and space becomes available. Nominated families will be added to the site following the order in which they were submitted and will be notified when they have been approved for adoption.

Gift Delivery Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines as a point of reference and timeline as to when you should be in contact with CFAF or your Adopting Angel. If, for any reason, the following delivery arrangements will not work for either you or the Adopting Angel, contact us immediately.

Initial Contact

Initial contact with your Adopting Angel should be to confirm whether the donated gifts will be delivered by the Adopting Angel or if you, as the Nominating Partner, will be delivering the gifts. If both parties agree that the Adopting Angel will deliver the gifts directly to the family, schedule a date, time, and location for delivery at least 10 days before Christmas.

Delivery Confirmation

Contact your Adopting Angel to confirm the scheduled date, time, and location for delivery at least a week prior to scheduled delivery. If you will be picking up the gifts from the Adopting Angel confirm a date, time, and location to pick them up.


Unless you are receiving and delivering the donated gifts, contact your Adopting Angel to confirm gifts have been delivered the day after scheduled delivery.


Be available to your Adopting Angel to answer any questions they may have regarding delivery or the Family Wishlist. If, for any reason, the Adopting Angel cannot follow through with their commitment or you are unable to get in touch with the Adopting Angel, contact us as soon as possible.