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Family ID #: 8603

Location: Portland, 97236

Adopted: Yes, by meeshmyers

Number of Family Members: 4

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: This mom has spend the last year working on her recovery, and is succeeding. Mom works full-time, and struggles to be able to provide her kids present

Household Wishlist: Hygiene products (prefer natural products)

Children Participating in Sports: Yes

Main Method of Transportation: Bus

Closest Grocery Store: Winco


Age: 16

Gender: Male

Top Size: men's xl

Pant Size: men's xl

Shoe Size: 10.5

Bed Size: Full

Favorite Color: Purple

Casey's Wishlist

shorts size large
sports socks for football
Xbox gift cards
Xbox controller
Xbox first person shooter games
Football gear
Hoodie (mens xl)


Age: 12

Gender: Female (tomboy)

Top Size: Youth xl

Pant Size: Youth xl

Shoe Size: 5.5

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: black or white

Anabella's Wishlist

portable charger
frog bucket hat
high-top Van’s


Age: 12

Gender: Male

Top Size: youth L

Pant Size: youth xl

Shoe Size: youth 7

Bed Size: full

Favorite Color: Black or blue

Elijah's Wishlist

Skate board
Trumpet cleaning kit
Tech Deck
Nintendo Switch gift card
Nintendo Switch pro controller
Nike Shoes youth size 7


Age: 32

Gender: Female

Top Size: Women's XL or Men's Large

Pant Size: Women's XL or Men's Large

Shoe Size: Women's 8

Bed Size: California King

Favorite Color: Red or black

Ciara's Wishlist

Oculus (virtual reality
DVD player
White cotton socks
Cotton boxers/boy shorts xl
Leggings with pockets
Sweats/ pants with pockets
Duvet cover
cotton sheets set
Allen wrench (with metric and standard)
needle nose pliers (for wrapping wire.
yoga mat, block, and strap
Wellbriety big book
Wellberiety daily meditation book
Glow in the dark paints
Art supplies

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