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Family ID #: 8595

Location: Portland, 97218

Adopted: Yes, by NBS97045

Number of Family Members: 5

Allow Direct Contact: No

Biography: We are fostering our nephew and niece. Things have been a little short this year and would love to make this a memorable Christmas for the kids.

Household Wishlist: Laundry detergent
Dish soap
Christmas Tree
Christmas decorations
Pots and pans
Bus pass

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: Bus

Closest Grocery Store: Winco


Age: 2

Gender: female

Top Size: 3 or 4T

Pant Size: 3T or 4 T

Shoe Size: 6

Bed Size: Full

Favorite Color: all colors

Abigail's Wishlist

Loves baby shark, cocomelon,paw patrol
Warm blanket
Winter clothes ( sweaters, leggings, hats, gloves)
Board books
Play kitchen (or play food)
Wooden blocks


Age: 4

Gender: male

Top Size: 6

Pant Size: 6

Shoe Size: 11/12

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Blue

Santiago's Wishlist

cold weather clothing (jackets, gloves, hats)
Loves paw patrol, spider man, Pj mask
PJ Masks Cat-Car Hero Vehicle
soccer ball/football
wooden blocks
wooden puzzles
cars (hotwheels)


Age: 12

Gender: female

Top Size: 16 (girls)

Pant Size: 8 (jeans) 14/16 (in girls sizes for sweatpants/leggings)

Shoe Size: 5

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: Purple

Valeria's Wishlist

Cold weather clothes ( coat, hats, gloves)
nail polish
gift card to ulta or target
hair straightener
art supplies, likes to water color,paint and draw
Loves baking, making cupcakes, baking supplies


Age: 46

Gender: female

Top Size: L

Pant Size: 12 (jeans) stretchy pants M/L

Shoe Size: 7

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: all colors

Maria's Wishlist

cold weather clothes (jackets, socks, hats, gloves)
Gift card for Walmart, winco, target, is learning to knit, knitting supplies, yarn.


Age: 48

Gender: Male

Top Size: L

Pant Size: 34x36

Shoe Size: 8

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: Any color except black

Maximiliano's Wishlist

cold weather clothes (jackets, socks, hats, gloves)
Loves the Portland Blazers
Tool box

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