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Family ID #: 8494

Location: Portland, 97236

Adopted: Yes, by nlescoe

Number of Family Members: 4

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: Loving, caring family. Struggling but hanging in with low-income and trying their best to survive and support their kids with their needs.

Household Wishlist: Laundry detergent
toilet paper
pots and pans
kitchen utensils

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: Car

Closest Grocery Store: Safeway


Age: 37

Gender: Male

Top Size: XL

Pant Size: 38 waist 32 length

Shoe Size: 11.5

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: No preference

Bobby's Wishlist

Workout equipment (something to help lose weight)


Age: 26

Gender: Female

Top Size: 2X

Pant Size: 18

Shoe Size: 10

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: Black

Heidi's Wishlist

Does not like flowery clothing, prefers solid colors. Tennis shoes/ slacks and no dresses.
-exercise equipment
-back massager
-body sprays, lotions
-DVD player
-art, picture frames, native american art


Age: 7

Gender: Male

Top Size: small mens

Pant Size: medium mens (does not like jeans--sensory need)

Shoe Size: 7 mens

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: Any color

Devon's Wishlist

Devon wants a bike & helmet or a remote-control helicopter or car
Anything minecraft related


Age: 5

Gender: Male

Top Size: 7-8 boys

Pant Size: 7-8 boys

Shoe Size: size 2.5

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: Any color

Kayvon's Wishlist

Kayvon wants a bike & helmet
OR anything Minecraft related
gift cards

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