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Family ID #: 8485

Location: Portland, 97203

Adopted: Yes, by HomeForward-A-F-D-AM

Number of Family Members: 4

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: Mother looking for employment and this family will appreciate any help this Holiday season.

Household Wishlist: Gift cards for cleaning supplies, pot and pans (red T-fal) red hot mits, towels, gift cards for dishes and pot and pans
(T-fal), family games and OMSI or Zoo passes.

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: Car

Closest Grocery Store: Winco, Fred Meyer and Walmart


Age: 37

Gender: Female

Top Size: x-large

Pant Size: x-large

Shoe Size: 7 womans 5 kids

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: Red and Black

Sybil's Wishlist

Gift cards to buy some clothes and Jordans

About me:
I enjoy cooking, walking out doors love to talk about trees, plants and birds with my kids cooking shows, favorite colors are black and red


Age: 11

Gender: Male

Top Size: Medium - men

Pant Size: 32/32

Shoe Size: 6.5

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: Black

Ta’raey's Wishlist

shoes, NBA 2k22 for xbox 1, computer moniter

About Ta’raey: favorite colors are black and purple, favorite tv show characters are (Ruby and Jamal from On My Block), he like watching anime (One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Erased) playing video games( NBA 2k, Skyrim) and playing basketball, and he really like to draw.


Age: 3

Gender: Male

Top Size: 5T

Pant Size: 5T

Shoe Size: 10

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: All colors

Darnell's Wishlist

Gift cards, kids jeep he can drive, bedding in Sesame Street, Ryan’s World, Toy Story or Shrek theme.

About Darnell:
Enjoys Cocomelon, Sesame Street, playing with toys, Coco the movie Toy Story and Shrek he likes all colors


Age: 15

Gender: Male

Top Size: Medium - men

Pant Size: 30/32

Shoe Size: 9.5

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: baby blue and navy blue

Malaki's Wishlist

shoes, hats, playstation gift cards, dark colored ripped jeans, baby blue and navy blue shirts.

About Malaki:
He loves Peter and Stewie from Family Guy and he likes listening to music, favorite color is baby blue.

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