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Family ID #: 8452

Location: Portland, 97203

Adopted: Yes, by CoreyAndAronson

Number of Family Members: 5

Allow Direct Contact: No

Biography: Family of 5 asking for help this Christmas with only one part time income we cant make Christmas happen for our 3 kids. Would be blessed with any help

Household Wishlist: Plates and bowls, Kitchen Aid Electric Mixer, Blender, Silicone cooking utensils, Food Storage containers, step trash can for kitchen, Foldable Laundry Basket. Bathroom towels, Shower curtains, vinyl shower curtains, bath accessory set, cleaning towel, Spray mop floor Cleaner.

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: Car

Closest Grocery Store: Fred Meyers


Age: 43

Gender: Female

Top Size: Large

Pant Size: 10 or Large

Shoe Size: 7.5 Womans

Bed Size: King size

Favorite Color: Light Green, White, and Light Blue

Natalia's Wishlist

Jordan Shoes, long sleeve maxi Dresses, open toe heels, night dress for date night, long sleeve shirts, skinny jeans, snow boots, pajama shorts set, long jacket, socks, bikini underwear(M), Bra (38/C), Hair brush Set, Hair accessories, Floral scent Perfume, Body Lotion, Always Radiant size 2 feminine Pads, Heating pad.


Age: 40

Gender: Male

Top Size: Medium

Pant Size: 32 x 30

Shoe Size: 9.5 Mens

Bed Size: King size

Favorite Color: Blue, Purple and Red

Abraham's Wishlist

Boot cut jeans, jacket with hood, Sweatpants, Nike Air Max Infinity Shoes, Socks, Boxers (M), Basketball shorts, Short sleeve shirts, Snow boots, Snow Gloves, Beanies, Black Sunglasses, Snow Coat, Hair Clippers, Bed set in color purple or blue

Abraham JR

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Top Size: 10 kids

Pant Size: 10 kids

Shoe Size: 2 Youth

Bed Size: Queen size

Favorite Color: Blue

Abraham JR's Wishlist

Jeans, Sweatpants, Shirts, Socks, Sweaters, Shoes, Underwear(8),
Cars or Trains Blue backpack, Snow boots, Thomas and friends train set, Mario bed set, Electric Toothbrush.


Age: 7

Gender: Female

Top Size: 10 or Medium

Pant Size: 10 Kids

Shoe Size: 2 youth

Bed Size: Queen size

Favorite Color: Yellow and White

Ednatalie's Wishlist

Shoes, Pink or Purple Backpack, Leggings, Shirts, Dresses, Snow boots, Rain Boots, Electric Toothbrush, Underwear (10), Socks, Barbie Doll house, Scooter, helmet set, Barbie clothes.


Age: 4

Gender: Male

Top Size: 5t

Pant Size: 5t

Shoe Size: 10T

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Red

David's Wishlist

Jeans, Sweatpants, Short and long Sleeve Shirts, Shoes, Socks, Sweaters, Underwear (5T), Raincoat, Mario Backpack, Electric Toothbrush, Mario and Yoshi Bed set, Mario and Yoshi Plushes, Soccer ball, and basketball, Snow Mittens, Beanie.

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