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Family ID #: 8372

Location: Portland, 97239

Adopted: Yes, by amhansen

Number of Family Members: 6

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: This is single mom working hard taking care of all five children and due to coved loss hours at work need help for the Holidays.

Household Wishlist: toilet paper, paper towels, all cleaning supplies , Laundry soap, diaper's size 5, pullup size 5 T , shampoo and cond., fabric sheets, Large rug for living room , laundry basket and pillows.

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: Car

Closest Grocery Store: Wal Mart/ Fred Myers


Age: 28

Gender: F

Top Size: M

Pant Size: 7

Shoe Size: 10

Bed Size: Q

Favorite Color: teal

Kayla's Wishlist

Columbia jacket, candles not lavender, gift cards ( Ross, Red Robin, Olive Garden , spaghetti factory, Nike store, Amazon) Nike shoes, sweater with hoods, Gas cards, Jiffy Lube oil change. Gift card to get new tires for car.


Age: 11

Gender: M

Top Size: 10

Pant Size: 10

Shoe Size: 5 youth

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: red

Zack's Wishlist

Tablet, Room décor ( Dirt bike or car design ) for room, bed set car or dirt bike theme, LED light strips, Plants, Nike shoes, Hoody’s , socks, matching Christmas jimmy’s, Hoover board.


Age: 9

Gender: M

Top Size: 8 to 10

Pant Size: 8

Shoe Size: 3 youth

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: yellow

Zaiden's Wishlist

Tablet , watch, board games , rock tumbler kit, camera,hoody’s, lamp for his room, socks and winter coat, Nike shoes , matching Christmas Jammie’s match his brothers.


Age: 6

Gender: M

Top Size: 6 to7

Pant Size: 6 to 7

Shoe Size: 13 c

Bed Size: full

Favorite Color: purple

Prestyn's Wishlist

piggy bank, watch, socks , glow stars, bath toys, board games, Target gift card, earrings, underwear ,socks, underwear, winter coat, matching jimmy’s with his brother, he loves rug rats or anything raptor from rug rats cartoons ,gloves and hats, Nike shoes .


Age: 4

Gender: M

Top Size: 5t

Pant Size: 5t

Shoe Size: 13c

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: purple

Mehki's Wishlist

watch, glow stars , water bottle, coloring books, back pack, Nike shoes, winter coat, earrings, socks and underwear, rain coat, matching Christmas jammies with his brother’s he loves anything rug rats .


Age: 2

Gender: M

Top Size: 2T

Pant Size: 2t

Shoe Size: 7 c

Bed Size: pack play

Favorite Color: green

Dakarai's Wishlist

Toddler bed with mattress, He loves plains , Micky mouse, balls and bird anything , Nike shoes, socks, clothes, he like pets alive walking doggy, Matching Christmas Jammies with brothers and toddler bed set.

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