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Family ID #: 4103

Location: Portland, 97233

Adopted: Yes, by CFAF Board

Number of Family Members: 8

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: Hardworking family trying to make ends meet. Just need a hand up for the 2018 Holiday Season.

Household Wishlist: Armoire, Tide Pods, Bath Towels, Kitchen Rug (soft, spongy), Dish Soap(liquid and Dishwasher) Sponges for kitchen, Hygiene products

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: Small SUV

Closest Grocery Store: WinCo


Age: 39

Gender: Female

Top Size: Large

Pant Size: 11 petite

Shoe Size: 5

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Purple

Nanci's Wishlist

Clothes, Perfume, Gift Cards, Pajamas, Kitchen Aid Pro Line 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, Coffee Maker


Age: 41

Gender: Male

Top Size: Large

Pant Size: 34X30

Shoe Size: 9

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Pastels

Antonio's Wishlist

Clothes, Cologne, Gift Cards


Age: 40

Gender: Female

Top Size: XL

Pant Size: 15 Petite

Shoe Size: 7

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Red

Karina's Wishlist

Blankets, Foot Spa


Age: 19

Gender: Male

Top Size: Large

Pant Size: 34X32

Shoe Size: 9

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: Magenta

Anthony's Wishlist

Jeans(denim), Shirts, Shoes, CK Cologne, Watch, Gift Cards


Age: 16

Gender: Female

Top Size: 2XL

Pant Size: 18

Shoe Size: 10

Bed Size: Twin-Futon

Favorite Color: Dark Colors

Katherine's Wishlist

Gift Cards, Clothes, Bracelet, Polaroid Film


Age: 10

Gender: Male

Top Size: Mens Medium/Large

Pant Size: 32X32

Shoe Size:

Bed Size: No Bed

Favorite Color: Blue

Brandon's Wishlist

PS4 remote, Gift Card for Game Stop, Clothes, Socks


Age: 4

Gender: Male

Top Size: 7/M

Pant Size: 7

Shoe Size: 10

Bed Size: No Bed

Favorite Color: Doesnt Have one

Jacob's Wishlist

Paw Patrol, PJ Mask, Ryan (you tuber)- toys or clothes
Mine Craft stuff
Educational Toys, Puzzles


Age: 1

Gender: Male

Top Size: 18 months/2T

Pant Size: 18 months/2T

Shoe Size: 3

Bed Size: Crib

Favorite Color: Blue

Ismael's Wishlist

Clothes, Educational Toys

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