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Family ID #: 4099

Location: Portland, 97210

Adopted: Yes, by Cfischer

Number of Family Members: 5

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: Michelle and Adam have three wonderful boys named Patrick, Alexander, and Charles. They also have a small family dog named Opal.

Household Wishlist: 2t-3t Pull ups
3t-4t Pull ups
Diaper Wipes
Tide Pods
Swifer Mop Pads
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Dishwasher Pods (Finish brand)
Disinfectant Wipes
5 Mesh Laundry Hampers

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: Public Transportation

Closest Grocery Store: Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Walmart

Michelle Stewart

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Top Size: 5XL

Pant Size: 18-22

Shoe Size: 10

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Pink

Michelle Stewart's Wishlist

Crochet hooks in various sizes
Anything cross stitch
2XL Dresses
5XL PJ Shirts
2XL PJ Pants
2XL Leggings
Full sets of dishes and silverware
Adult coloring books
Gel pens

Adam Nederhoff

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Top Size: 2XL or 3XL

Pant Size: 44 (cargo shorts preferred)

Shoe Size: 12 wide or 12.5 regular

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Blue

Adam Nederhoff's Wishlist

For his kids to have a good Christmas.

Patrick Stewart

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Top Size: 7-8 Kids

Pant Size: 7

Shoe Size: 12/1 Kids

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: Green

Patrick Stewart's Wishlist

Transformers toys
Pokemon cards
Soccer Ball

Alexander Nederhoff

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Top Size: 3t-4t

Pant Size: 3t-4t

Shoe Size: 9

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: Red

Alexander Nederhoff's Wishlist

Anything Mickey Mouse
Anything Blippi
Coloring Books

Charles Nederhoff

Age: 2

Gender: Male

Top Size: 2t-3t

Pant Size: 2t-3t

Shoe Size: 8

Bed Size: Toddler

Favorite Color: Blue

Charles Nederhoff's Wishlist

Anything Mickey Mouse
Anything Blippi
Coloring Books

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