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Family ID #: 4017

Location: Portland, 97233

Adopted: Yes, by bridgetnfisher

Number of Family Members: 8

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: Loving family of 8: 2 parents, 5 bio kids, & adopted niece. Holidays are hard due to job changes, mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, & hearts to warm.

Household Wishlist: Mop, Pots, Pans, Laundry Soap, Tissue, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Hygiene Products, Bath Towels, Twin Size Sheets, Pillows, Pillow Cases, Dish Soap, Plasticware (plastic spoons and forks), etc.

Children Participating in Sports: Yes

Main Method of Transportation: Car

Closest Grocery Store: Fred Meyer or Winco

Karim King Jr

Age: 1

Gender: male

Top Size: 24 months/ 2t

Pant Size: 24 monhs

Shoe Size: 7

Bed Size: na

Favorite Color: any

Karim King Jr's Wishlist

basket balls
learning toys
stuffed animals
foot ball

Kashae King

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Top Size: 7

Pant Size: 6

Shoe Size: 1

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: pink

Kashae King's Wishlist

fashion toys
art and craft

Elaijahna Hall Graves

Age: 12

Gender: female

Top Size: 12

Pant Size: 12

Shoe Size: 5.5

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: purple

Elaijahna Hall Graves's Wishlist

fashion and toys
nail art
sports fee for basketball

Sadrae Thompson

Age: 15

Gender: male

Top Size: men small

Pant Size: 32 mens

Shoe Size: 10 mens

Bed Size: full

Favorite Color: red

Sadrae Thompson's Wishlist

video games play station 4
sports fees for basketball

Keimya King

Age: 9

Gender: female

Top Size: 10

Pant Size: 10

Shoe Size: 4.5

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: pink

Keimya King's Wishlist

make up (Toy)
nail art
dress up toys
arts and craft

Rachaelle January

Age: 15

Gender: female/ Tom-boy

Top Size: small men

Pant Size: 30 men

Shoe Size: 7.5 men

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: blue

Rachaelle January's Wishlist

portable speaker posters for wall basketball sports fees for basketball

Charlene King

Age: 33

Gender: female

Top Size: medium

Pant Size: 30 womans / 9 Jr

Shoe Size: 4.5 kids / 6.5 womans

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: red

Charlene King's Wishlist

movie tickets
bath stuff
scented candles

Karim King

Age: 33

Gender: male

Top Size: xl men

Pant Size: 34/32 men

Shoe Size: 11

Bed Size: king

Favorite Color: red

Karim King's Wishlist

movie tickets
blazer/ sports tickets
poker game set

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