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Family ID #: 3993

Location: Canby, 97013

Adopted: Yes, by CFAF Board

Number of Family Members: 4

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: We are a humble close knit family who enjoy each others company. We enjoy spending time with family and friends and appreciating life in general.

Household Wishlist: Aspiradora, large bread toaster, fryer, pots/pan, arm chairs

Children Participating in Sports: Yes

Main Method of Transportation: Car

Closest Grocery Store: Fred Meyers

Leonardo Cardenas Trejo

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Top Size: XL

Pant Size: 38

Shoe Size: 11

Bed Size: queen

Favorite Color: grey/black

Leonardo Cardenas Trejo's Wishlist

basketball hoop, sport balls, tablet, trampolin, desk chair, lotions for skin,

Leonel Cardenas Trejo

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Top Size: 3 XL

Pant Size: 3 XL size

Shoe Size: 10 wide

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: Blue

Leonel Cardenas Trejo's Wishlist

Trampolin, Xbox, chocolates, M&M birthday cakes, bicycle, basketball hoop, sport balls, tablet, small personal television,

Minerva Trejo

Age: 51

Gender: Female

Top Size: 2 XL

Pant Size: 20

Shoe Size: 10 wide

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Blue/grey

Minerva Trejo's Wishlist

Perfumes, boots for winter, coat for winter, phone, tablet

Hector Cardenas

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Top Size: 2 XL

Pant Size: 46

Shoe Size: 11

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: Rojo/Negro

Hector Cardenas's Wishlist

Lotions, coat for the winter, clothes, tablet

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