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Family ID #: 3972

Location: Gresham, 97030

Adopted: Yes, by CFAF Board

Number of Family Members: 5

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: A single mother who just got of Prison and is working hard to get back on her feet, but would like some assistance for Christmas for her and her famil

Household Wishlist: toilet paper
laundry detergent
cleaning supplies (Lysol, 409, Clorox, bleach, Ajax, Mr. Clean, Febreze sprays)
paper towels
dish soap and body wash
tooth paste
tooth brushes
mouth wash
towels, and wash cloths
laundry baskets (3)
trash can
vacuum cleaner
knife set

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: tri-met

Closest Grocery Store: Safeway


Age: 41

Gender: female

Top Size: 3x

Pant Size: 22-24 womens

Shoe Size: 10 wide or 11 women

Bed Size: queen

Favorite Color: teal

Shauna's Wishlist

comforter set for a queen bed
area rug for room
bra and panty sets (bra 52G, panties size 10) really need the underwear.
Dresses for church (size 24 womens) or 3x
hair dryer (the ones you sit under)
professional finger nail file
shoes (boots, good winter shoes)
dvd player
32-42inch tv


Age: 26

Gender: female

Top Size: XL

Pant Size: 13 women

Shoe Size: 9 womens

Bed Size: California King

Favorite Color: turquiose or black

Quanteasha's Wishlist

new pots and pans
gift card (Walmart or Target) giftcard to Winco for grocies
gift card for Arco for gas
Winter coat (size XL)
boots (brown or black)


Age: 26

Gender: male

Top Size: large mens

Pant Size: 38x34 mens or 36x34

Shoe Size: 12 mens

Bed Size: California King

Favorite Color: black

Larry's Wishlist

shoes (Nike, Vans or Jordans)
men joggers outfit


Age: 6

Gender: female

Top Size: 8 girls

Pant Size: 8 girls

Shoe Size: 3 girls

Bed Size: full

Favorite Color: pink

Ziona's Wishlist

clothes (anything)
easy bake oven
Art Easel
32 inch tv for the kids rooms
anything arts and crafts
new bicycle


Age: 1

Gender: female

Top Size: 2T

Pant Size: 2T

Shoe Size: 4 toddlers

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: pink

December's Wishlist

indoor tent to play in
tablet for toddlers
any toys loud music
baby wipes and pull-ups 3-4T
clothes and shoes

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