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Family ID #: 12688

Location: Portland, 97203

Adopted: Yes, by CableHuston

Number of Family Members: 4

Allow Direct Contact: No

Biography: Single mother of 3 kids just getting back to work and hoping to bless her children after a hard year.

Household Wishlist: cleaning supplies, gift cards for family movies or dinner, TV for the living room, family photo session, iPad for kids to share

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: vehicle, bus

Closest Grocery Store: Safeway, WinCo

Octavious Simmons

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Top Size: 2T-3T

Pant Size: 2T-3T

Shoe Size: 9.5-10 toddler

Bed Size: none

Favorite Color: red, black, blue

Octavious Simmons's Wishlist

toddler bed, learning toys, affirmations books for little black boys, winter clothes, shoes, ride along wagon for walks

Justice Simmons

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Top Size: M-L women's or juniors

Pant Size: M-L leggings, 6-9 women's or juniors

Shoe Size: 7.5-8 women's

Bed Size: Full

Favorite Color: Blue, purple

Justice Simmons's Wishlist

Black girl affirmation books and signs, winter coat, shoes, crocs and charms, guitar

Jaden Brown

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Top Size: Small

Pant Size: 2-4 women's

Shoe Size: 7.5-8

Bed Size: Full

Favorite Color: Green

Jaden Brown's Wishlist

bath and body works gift card, winter clothes, shoes, boxing gloves and bag

LaCarla Brown

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Top Size: N/A

Pant Size: N/A

Shoe Size: 13 women's Torrid

Bed Size: King

Favorite Color: Blue

LaCarla Brown's Wishlist

giftcards for clothes and shoes for work (Torrid, Ashley Stewart, REBDOLLS), bath and body works gift card, cake pans, edible printer, Cricut for cake business

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