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Family ID #: 11450

Location: Portland, 97233

Adopted: Yes, by DaltonAdvocacy

Number of Family Members: 3

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: Single mom raising two wonderful boys! I don't receieve a lot of family support, it's just us and we appreciate anything this year! Thank you!

Household Wishlist: 7 year olds needs twin bed set, baby supplies like diapers and wipes for 6mo-1 year size and sensitive skin, toiletries, cleaning supplies, laudnry supplies, kitten supplies/cat supplies

Children Participating in Sports: Yes

Main Method of Transportation: Walk and bus

Closest Grocery Store: albertsons and walmart


Age: 1

Gender: male

Top Size: 9-12 months

Pant Size: 9-12 months

Shoe Size: 9-12 months

Bed Size: crip

Favorite Color: bright blue

xahados's Wishlist

snesory toys, baby learning toys, teething toys, diapers, clothes, warm clothes, crinkle books and toys, baby winter jacket, diapers, blankets, crib bedding, hats (has big baby head) and rattles, cups and other baby dishware


Age: 7

Gender: male

Top Size: 10-12 kids

Pant Size: 10-12 kids

Shoe Size: 4 kids

Bed Size: Needs

Favorite Color: rainbow

Liam's Wishlist

winter jacket, clothes, shoes, school supplies, book of narwhals (horned whale), math books, learning books for 7 year old, learning games/activities, hot wheels, slime, mario, science kits and boardgames


Age: 30

Gender: female

Top Size: xl women

Pant Size: 18 women

Shoe Size: 10 women

Bed Size: queen

Favorite Color: purple, silver

Telsa's Wishlist

clothes or gift cards to get clothing, baby supplies, comforter and blankets and sheets, winter clothes (clothes were thrown out of house), air fresheners, ducks

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