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Family ID #: 11347

Location: portland, 97236

Adopted: Yes, by WendyFed

Number of Family Members: 7

Allow Direct Contact: No

Biography: Multigenerational family - including kinship foster kids.

Household Wishlist: Family- nonstick frying pans, cast iron skillet, baking sheets, muffin pans, Cleaning products, Family board games, Home depot giftcard, Fred Meyer card, Grocery outlet card, dollar tree card, gas cards Twin, Queen, King sheet sets - floor pillows, Dish and silverware set, family activity items (Monkey King gift card, Wonderland, etc, movies, etc)

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: Car

Closest Grocery Store: Fred meyer


Age: 7

Gender: M

Top Size: 10/12

Pant Size: 10/12

Shoe Size: 4

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: green

Koa's Wishlist

lego sets, nintendo card, roblox card, slinkies, fidgets, fortnite merch


Age: 60

Gender: F

Top Size:

Pant Size:

Shoe Size:

Bed Size:

Favorite Color: MAROON, RED, DARK RED

tina's Wishlist

Nice comforter – Maroon, red, dark red Starbux/Dutch bros gift card Dollar Tree gift card Jamba Juice gift card


Age: 8

Gender: F

Top Size: 14/16

Pant Size: 14/16

Shoe Size: 7

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: purple, pink,

Maylannee's Wishlist

LOL dolls, barbies, hair things, inicorns, stuffed animals, tea set, girly stuff


Age: 44

Gender: F

Top Size:

Pant Size:

Shoe Size:

Bed Size:

Favorite Color:

Kari's Wishlist

Bath Bombs, Hygeine Products, Gas Card, Dutch Bros Gift Card, Subway gift card, XL mens white shirts


Age: 14

Gender: F

Top Size: Small

Pant Size: 7-8 juniors

Shoe Size: 8.5

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: nude, black, red, white

Makenzee's Wishlist

makeup, bath bombs, hair products, hoodie, nike shoes/clothes


Age: 12

Gender: M

Top Size: medium mens

Pant Size: medium mens

Shoe Size: 7 mens

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color:

Koi's Wishlist

Lego sets, playstation card, comic books, fortnite stuff, stranger things clothing, nike, converse


Age: 11

Gender: F

Top Size: Medium - womens

Pant Size: 11-13 juniors

Shoe Size: 9

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: rainbow/bright colors

Mylee's Wishlist

shoes, fidgets, press on nails, lock box with key, nike/converse shoes, stranger things clothing, hoodie (fun designs/bright colors)

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