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Family ID #: 11194

Location: portland, 97218

Adopted: Yes, by Advantis Credit Union - Comm. Involvement Committee

Number of Family Members: 4

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: I am thankful for giving me the oportunity to adopt my family and for the gifts given to each menber of my family.

Household Wishlist: ninja professional blender, tortilla press, electric griddle, cast iron comal, kitchen utencils, set of pots and pans, detergent, clorox, downy, set of spoons and forks, bathroom cleaning supplies, set of plates, mugs and cups for 5 people, and paper towel.

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: car and bus

Closest Grocery Store: winco and walmart

gabriela ku uc

Age: 39

Gender: female

Top Size: size: large

Pant Size: SIZE: 9 stretchy

Shoe Size: SIZE: 7.5

Bed Size: SIZE: king

Favorite Color: red and yelllow

gabriela ku uc's Wishlist

t-shirts, pants, perfume, make-up brushes, hair brush, sweaters, adidas shoes, lotions, dresses, purses with wallet, sandals with no heel, crocs color purple, curler iron hair, short eye lashes, eye lash curler, ugg boots, winter boots and blouses.

(gift cards: ultra, amazon and ross)

francisco cabrera

Age: 39

Gender: male

Top Size: SIZE: large

Pant Size: SIZE: 34

Shoe Size: SIZE: 9

Bed Size: SIZE: king

Favorite Color: black and grey

francisco cabrera's Wishlist

jacket, hats New York, bennies, short this socks, belts, colone, wallet , nike shoes, pants, samsung watch, glases for sun, t-shirts, razors, shaving cream, lotions, soccer goaly gloves, adidas prime black backpack and watch


emily cabrera

Age: 14

Gender: female

Top Size: SIZE: medium

Pant Size: SIZE: 9

Shoe Size: SIZE: 8

Bed Size: SIZE: king

Favorite Color: black, grey and red

emily cabrera's Wishlist

black crocs, black and also brown gap sweater with zipper or hoodie, make-up brushes, make-up palets, perfume with lotion of carolina herrrera, levis jeans, nike or jordan shoes, blouses, sweat pants, beats head phone, accesorries, manga animated books, purse with wallet, led mirrow, black belt and bras 36b

(GIFT CARDS: ULTRA and amazon)

jessica cabrera

Age: 11

Gender: female

Top Size: SIZE: medium

Pant Size: SIZE: 7

Shoe Size: SIZE: 7

Bed Size: SIZE: king

Favorite Color: black, white and blue

jessica cabrera's Wishlist

white crocs, white nike shoes, gap sweater with zipper, iphone beats, levis jeans, pants, canon camera, nintendo and games, animal rossing game, towel, hello kitty plushy, perfume, accesorries for bracelets, black short socks, hello kitty backpack, purses, rain jacket and blouses


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