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Family ID #: 11111

Location: Salem, 97301

Adopted: Yes, by raseley

Number of Family Members: 3

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: This family needs support this holiday Dad RaisEs daughter with mentAl health disability and grandson.

Household Wishlist: Toilet paper, dish soap, laundry sOap, petco gift card, cleaning supplies, hand tOwels, office or staples gift card for printer ink for school. Gift card for groceries.

Children Participating in Sports: Yes

Main Method of Transportation: Car

Closest Grocery Store: Safeway


Age: 63

Gender: Male

Top Size: 2x

Pant Size: 40/ 32

Shoe Size: 10.5

Bed Size: Queen

Favorite Color: Blue

David's Wishlist

Nike slides, Best buy gift card, lowes gift card, home depot gift card, Costco gift card.


Age: 32

Gender: Female

Top Size: Medium tshirts

Pant Size: 9 jeans

Shoe Size: 6

Bed Size: Twin

Favorite Color: Any

Shirley's Wishlist

Jeans, t shirt packs, hoodies size large, ipod, gift card amazon. Nike slides or sLippers, hair ties,


Age: 8

Gender: Male

Top Size: X large

Pant Size: Joggers Boys large 10/12

Shoe Size: 2

Bed Size: QUeen

Favorite Color: Green

Henry's Wishlist

Nike Black shoes, nintendo switch gift card, mario comforter set, play station gift card, pokie man cards, puppet jeffy. Anything fort night.

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