Gomez-Taylor Family Profile

Family ID #: 10945

Location: portland, 97216

Adopted: Not Yet

Number of Family Members: 5

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: Friendly big blended family. they love sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and swimming. They all love music, disney movies, and time together

Household Wishlist: vacuum cleaner, hardwood floor cleaner, big wish is a macbook for the family to use

Children Participating in Sports: Yes

Main Method of Transportation: car

Closest Grocery Store: fred meyer, winco


Age: 14

Gender: Female

Top Size: L/XL Teens

Pant Size: 12/14 teens

Shoe Size: 9

Bed Size: full

Favorite Color: black

Shariah's Wishlist

Anime, hello kitty, soccer, nike jacket, warm pajamas, roblox, socks, starbucks, throw blanket, jellyfish lava lamp, rotating makeup organizer, fluffy crocs


Age: 12

Gender: female

Top Size: S Teens

Pant Size: 2/3 teens

Shoe Size: 4 or 4.5

Bed Size: queen

Favorite Color: blue

Samarah's Wishlist

Nike jacket, nike hoodie, plays volleyball, roblox, starbucks, throw blanket, warm pajamas, fluffy crocs, socks


Age: 7

Gender: female

Top Size: 10/12 kids

Pant Size: 10/12 kids

Shoe Size: 1 or 1.5

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: pink, purple, sparkly

Savannah's Wishlist

roblox, starbucks, warm pajamas, nike jacket, throw blanket, socks, fluffy crocs


Age: 34

Gender: male

Top Size: L

Pant Size: L

Shoe Size: 10.5

Bed Size: king

Favorite Color: red

Miami's Wishlist

Nike jacket, socks, warm pajamas, slippers, nike boots, loves to cook, warm beanie, tools, gift cards

Silvia (Nataly)

Age: 33

Gender: female

Top Size: L/XL

Pant Size: 14/16

Shoe Size: 6.5 or 7

Bed Size: king

Favorite Color: purple, red, pink

Silvia (Nataly)'s Wishlist

gift cards, socks, throw blanket, nike jacket, fluffy crocs, starbucks, human bean coffee, black rock coffee

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