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Family ID #: 10930

Location: Portland, 97212

Adopted: Yes, by Q4Pilot

Number of Family Members: 4

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: Single mother, Full-time College student working on my Bachelors degree while raising my daughters to be brilliant, brave and beautiful young ladies!

Household Wishlist: • Toy Box
• Scrapbook
• Gift card
• Dry food containers
• Knife Block
• Shoe rack
• Home decor
• Clothes drying rack
• Mixing bowls/Measuring cups
• Oven griddle
• Handheld steamer
• Mattress vacuum cleaner
• Baking pans
• ID police marker
• Gel nail UV light
• Strong hangers

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: bus

Closest Grocery Store: new seasons


Age: 9

Gender: girl

Top Size: 16

Pant Size: 16

Shoe Size: 7 or womens 8 1/2

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: mint

Abrielle's Wishlist

• Loves Claire’s and Powells Bookstore
• Watches Babysitters Club, Bluey and Encanto
• Harry Potter Books 1 & 2
• Bookmarks
• Pretty dress socks
• Footless tights
• Drawing supplies
• Mary Jane shoes
• Sneakers
• Top bunk caddy/shelf
• Jewelry box


Age: 3

Gender: girl

Top Size: 14

Pant Size: 14

Shoe Size: 10 in toddler

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: pink

Portlynn's Wishlist

• Interest include dinosaurs, princesses, monsters, Bluey, rocks, Peppa pig, Gracie’s Corner and Shrek
• Art projects
• Magnetic tiles
• Solid colored socks
• Piggy bank
• Montessori activities
• Jewelry box
• Princess dress and tiara for playing
• Bubble bazooka gun
• Preschool workbook
• Small backpack
• Rain jacket and boots
• Sneakers
• Kitchen or store play set


Age: 2

Gender: girl

Top Size: 2t/3t

Pant Size: 2t/3t

Shoe Size: 7 in toddler

Bed Size: toddler

Favorite Color: purple

Iyla's Wishlist

• loves music and instruments, Sesame Street, Cocomelon and baby dolls
• Soft blankets
• Non-slip socks
• Piggy bank
• Jewelry box
• Montessori activities
• Bath time toys
• Sensory projects
• Sneakers
• Rain boots
• Wooden toys


Age: 29

Gender: female

Top Size: 1xl

Pant Size: 2xl

Shoe Size: 9 1/2- 10

Bed Size: queen

Favorite Color: pink

Kristen's Wishlist

• Watches Bob’s Burgers, The Chosen and Rhett & Link
• Loves pink, beautiful natural crystals and rocks, houseplants, giraffes and reading
• Gift cards
• Real amethyst
• Air pods
• Bookmark/page holder
• Black medium sized purse
• Bath pillow
• Black C onverse
• Perfume

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