Jessica Profile

Family ID #: 10926

Location: mulwakie, 97267

Adopted: Not Yet

Number of Family Members: 5

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: this is amazing family has two children with specials needs. in need of help for the holidays.

Household Wishlist: toilet paper , paper towels ,hangers, dish soap laundry baskets, pillow, blankets, smart flat screen tv, bottles, diaper's size 2 and 3 and wipes, air fryer, pots pans and dishes ,house rugs bathroom curtain and rugs, laundry soap all household cleaning supplies , rrom and swifter wet jet.

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: bus

Closest Grocery Store: fred myers


Age: 27

Gender: female

Top Size: m

Pant Size: 6

Shoe Size: 7

Bed Size: q

Favorite Color: blue or purple

jessica's Wishlist

hair dryer, hair straightener, make up, art supplies, robe , clothes, Nike shoes, underwear, and socks she expressed she in need of a new bra size 38 c . winter coat, unlocked cell phone, tapestry picture frames and gift card to Walmart. soft blanket


Age: 26

Gender: male

Top Size: lg

Pant Size: 32 30 or large

Shoe Size: 10

Bed Size: q

Favorite Color: black and blue

john's Wishlist

couple pairs of shoes , Nike shoes , blue tooth speaker, shirts and sweats , joggers, underwear, hoody’s, razor, shower set, nike back pack, socks, he has expressed in need of warm clothes and shoes he also would like a gift card to McDonalds or burger king and Walmart.


Age: 5

Gender: male

Top Size: 5 t

Pant Size: 5 t

Shoe Size: 13

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: red

amen's Wishlist

blanket, playdow set , leap pad, warm winter clothes and shoes, he loves super Mario everything, dinosaurs toys, action figure toys, race track, training bike and helmet,puzzles, socks, music toys.


Age: 3

Gender: male

Top Size: 5t

Pant Size: 5t

Shoe Size: 10

Bed Size: twin

Favorite Color: he is blind / red

elijah's Wishlist

he is blind so any sensory toys , soft blanket, ,music toys , key bored diaper’s size 6 and wipes, soft foam pad for the floor and big baby gate, he sensitive to food a baby food maker would help any toys that vibrate, drum set, shoes and winter clothes, waited blanket, water mats.


Age: 1

Gender: male

Top Size: 6 month

Pant Size: 6 month

Shoe Size: 2c

Bed Size: crib

Favorite Color: blue

khaos's Wishlist

daiper,s size 2 and 3 and wipes, warm blanket, baby toys, baby matt, teething toys, bath toys, winter clothes, bottles, bottle scrubber , crib, and crib bed set, bottle warmer, baby monitor, baby shampoo and daiper cream, bouncer, three drawer dresser to baby clothes in and baby hangers.

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