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Family ID #: 10921

Location: portland, 97232

Adopted: Yes, by SELF FAMILY

Number of Family Members: 2

Allow Direct Contact: Yes

Biography: this is a single mom currently living in a shelter about to move into her first new home for her and her son

Household Wishlist: toilet paper , paper towels , towels, broom, all cleaning supplies , dishes, micro wave, toaster, croc pot air fryer, bathroom shower curtain and rugs, garbage bags , garbage can, roku flat screen tv pillows and blankets. wipes and daipers size 6

Children Participating in Sports: No

Main Method of Transportation: bus

Closest Grocery Store: walmart


Age: 27

Gender: female

Top Size: m

Pant Size: 27 or size6

Shoe Size: 8

Bed Size: q

Favorite Color: lavender

kaymin's Wishlist

bed set, roku flat screen tv, gift card to (Nike, Fred Myers, Nordstrom rack) slippers, perfume, rug for her room, pillow, gift card to Walmart to pick any needs for household nike shoes , socks.


Age: 2

Gender: male

Top Size: 2 t

Pant Size: 2t

Shoe Size: 6c

Bed Size: toddler

Favorite Color: blue

kawohi's Wishlist

toddler bed , toddler bed set, toy box, hot wheel toys and trucks , kids beat drum set, kid trax cat toddler ride on toy, shoes, clothes winter clothes , dino night light, big lego, bath toys and jammys.

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