Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Name: Mike Burright

Occupation: President of CFAF

Why I Joined CFAF: I started CFAF in 2002, when I met a young family who would not be able to afford Christmas that year. Using my connections in real estate, we filled up three automobiles full of gifts to the family on Christmas morning. From there, our mission to spread joy each Christmas has growth year over year.

My Best Christmas Memory: My favorite memories of Christmas as I grew up were the family gathering on Christmas Eve. With seven older siblings and their families we would sit in the small living room of the old farmhouse I grew up in and wait to hear the sound a loud bell ring out on our front porch telling us Santa had delivered our gifts. While the gifts were always modest I will never forget the shared joy and happiness we experienced every year. For me Christmas is truly the “most wonderful time of the year”.

Name: Sharon Gaffney

Occupation: Advocate for Homeowners

Why I Joined CFAF: Because CFAF helps families in tough times and I have had tough times and it meant the world to get help.

My Best Christmas Memory: The day my three kids realized the pure joy of giving not getting 12/25/2013.

My Favorite Holiday Dessert: My daughter’s peanut clusters and her french cherry pie.

Name: Diana Ferguson

Occupation: Principal Broker

Why I Joined CFAF: I joined CFAF because Mike Burright, as my mentor, taught me so much over the years. His willingness to always go the extra mile in all that he does is truly inspirational. When he approached me with the opportunity to join him in this adventure I was truly honored. I have watched this grow from helping a couple of families a year to hundreds. Everyone can use a little help in the journey of this life and together we have the ability to make Christmas a wonderful, beautiful time for struggling families and show the children that they are valued even by people they haven’t met yet.

My Best Christmas Memory: There are so many… Lots of tiny moments in time. Our first Christmas married where when we opened the blinds that morning it was glittering outside! So beautiful. The year we jumped the gun with our live Christmas tree (yup major fire hazard) and had to get a new one 10 days before Christmas. My Grandfather ringing the reindeer bells and stomping around after us kids went to bed but before we were asleep. The overwhelming joy and a renewed belief in the goodness of humans at the first CFAF wrapping party and then delivering gifts to families, hearing their stories, experiencing the wide-eyed delight of the children as the boxes arrived and the gratitude and relief in the eyes of the parents that this was a GREAT Christmas.

My Favorite Holiday Dessert: All of them! Especially crumble cherry pie with ice cream.

Name: Jan Robinson

Occupation: Realtor

Why I joined CFAF: When I started Real Estate, my office was right across the hall from Santa aka Mike Burright. He was my mentor and always had time to help others. I started on the board after he asked if I could help do some fundraising and the rest is history. I have always loved giving back and this is the perfect opportunity to do that. I have had some amazing moments adopting and delivering gifts while serving on the board since 2005.

My Best Christmas Memory: When the weather was so iced up on Christmas Eve one year and gifts were not able to be delivered, my kids with their Subarus and 4 wheel drive cars helped deliver gifts that otherwise wouldn’t have made it. Seeing the surprise on everyone’s faces was priceless. After we delivered gifts I put a turkey in the oven and we ate dinner at midnight on Christmas Eve. It was so rewarding and fun to have the amazing support from my family. It’s all about the giving for us.

Favorite Holiday Dessert: Mama Marti’s Peanut Butter Balls.

Name: Jessica Worthington

Occupation: Advertising

Why I Joined CFAF: Giving truly is the best gift, and after several years of adopting families through CFAF I decided to help the organization in a bigger way.

My Best Christmas Memory: Each year I most look forward to opening stockings on Christmas morning with my family.

My Favorite Holiday Dessert: My mom’s apple pie!