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Our Adopting Angels are the heart of the Christmas Family Adoption Foundation (CFAF) program. Thanks to your generosity, your chosen family receives the gift of a meaningful and merry Christmas season.

Each family received their nomination for special reasons—some might struggle to meet monthly expenses and purchase common household needs, while others might face circumstances that make this year a challenge.

No matter the reason, when you choose to adopt these deserving families, just know that your gift means the world to them and brings smiles to young and old on Christmas morning!

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  • We do not set a minimum expectation for what you will provide for the family. However, we ask you to be as generous as possible. The Family Wishlist provides you with a guide for items they truly need or desire to give these families a reason to rejoice on Christmas Day.
  • You can decide how involved you want to be with your adopted family. Do you wish to have direct contact with the family and deliver your gifts personally? Or do you wish to remain anonymous and have your gifts delivered on your behalf? If you wish to have direct contact, make sure you choose a family that allows direct contact.
  • Gifts must be delivered either to your adopted family or the Nominating Partner.
  • Once an Adopting Angel selects their family, they receive the contact information of the Nominating Partner and work with them to follow through with the adoption commitment. Please contact your Nominating Partner early to arrange for gift delivery, either directly to the family or to the Nominating Partner.
  • Gifts should be wrapped and labeled clearly. If you purchase clothing, please include a gift receipt for size exchanges. In addition, please consider including a grocery store gift card (e.g., Fred Meyer or Safeway) for the family’s Christmas dinner.
  • You should direct any questions regarding the Family Wishlist or other concerns regarding your adopted family to the Nominating Partner. If you have difficulty contacting the Nominating Partner, please feel free to contact us.

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  • By filling out this form, I am committed to helping CFAF assist a family in need and helping said family have a memorable holiday season. I have read the Adoption Guidelines and understand my role as an Adopting Angel. I understand that by filling out this form, I am accepting responsibility for keeping all parties informed, particularly if I am unable to follow through with my commitment.


    It is our goal to help as many families as possible this year to experience a reason to celebrate the Christmas Season. We need to do this in a way that protects all participants from the COVID-19 virus that has ravaged our nation.

    Therefore, we ask that everyone practice social distancing when delivering gifts. It has been our experience that choosing direct contact with the families offers the best opportunity for a wonderful experience. If you choose to have direct contact, be sure to always wear a mask. We recommend that all gifts be delivered to the front porch or lobby only.

    If you choose to deliver the gifts to the nominating partners, make sure you arrange to make delivery to their office or somewhere that will allow you an opportunity to deliver the gifts in a safe manner.

    We know the need is huge this year and wish to thank you for your generosity and giving spirit.

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