Become An Adopting Angel

Adopting Families 101

All of our families have been nominated by recognized agencies and caseworkers in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver areas. Each family has been nominated for their own special reason – some families may be struggling to meet monthly expenses and common household needs, whereas others might be facing a challenging time this year.

By agreeing to adopt one of our families you are making a commitment to provide the family you have chosen with enough gifts to give them a meaningful Christmas.

We do not set a minimum expectation as to what you will provide for the family, however we ask that you be as generous as possible. The Wishlist that the families provide is meant to be a guide in helping you to give items that are truly needed or desired in order to give these families a reason to rejoice on Christmas Day.

You will need to decide how involved you want to be with the family you adopt. Do you wish to have direct contact with the family and deliver your gifts personally, or do wish to remain anonymous and have your gifts delivered on your behalf? If you wish to have direct contact make sure you choose a family that allows direct contact.

When a family has been selected, Adopting Angels will receive the contact information of the Nominating Partner and work with them to follow through with the adoption commitment.

 Gifts must be delivered to either your adopted family or to the Nominating Partner.

Gifts must be wrapped and labeled clearly. If you are purchasing clothing, please include a gift receipt for size exchanges. Please consider including a grocery store gift card (Fred Meyer, Safeway, etc.) for the family’s Christmas dinner.

Any questions regarding the Family Wishlist or other concerns regarding your adopted family should be directed to the Nominating Partner. If you are having difficulty contacting the Nominating Partner, please feel free to contact us.

To become one of our Adopting Angels, please register to Adopt A Family to get started. We appreciate you contributing to our cause.

If you are not in the Pacific Northwest, please consider a contribution to our organization.